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About International Iron Doors Inc

International Iron Doors Inc is a Southern California-based company that specializes in high-quality iron doors and gates manufacturing and installation services. With over 28 years of experience installing quality iron doors and gates in California, International Iron Doors Inc is the go-to place for homeowners looking for elegance and craftsmanship in their doors and gates. We value all our customers, and our main mission is to provide quality service and products our customers can rely on. We offer a wide range of beautifully crafted designs to choose from but we can also work with clients to come up with custom designs that suit their needs.

Our services include:

1.Iron doors

Your front door and back door should be strong enough to keep out all unwanted external elements like dust, weather elements, noise, odors, and most importantly, intruders. At International Iron Doors Inc, we have a wide selection of strong, reliable and beautifully designed iron doors that will do just that and more. Our single or double iron doors are strong enough to give you the privacy and security you need. On top of that, our doors come with unique gorgeous designs that will enhance the aesthetic quality of your home.

2.Iron Gates

Your gate is your first line of defense against all unwanted elements on your property. We provide quality iron gates that are strong enough to give you the protection you need for your home or business. The gate is also the first thing people see as they come into your home and it sets the tone of what to expect. Our designers are always creating beautiful gates and can also design a custom gate for you at your request. Whether you need a front gate, driveway gates, pool gates, or any other type of gate, we are your guy.

Why choose us?

1.Strength and Durability

All our doors and gates are made with strong iron that is waterproof and foam insulated to ensure that it won’t rust over time. You can be sure that no one or nothing will get through without your permission. Once installed, our high-quality iron doors and gates will give you years of service with minimal maintenance required.

2.Unique Designs We have a team of brilliant iron craftsmen who are always designing beautiful iron and gates that are impossible to get anywhere else. Our designs range from modern, neo-classical, contemporary, among others. We can also work together with clients to design their own unique iron door when needed.

3.Affordability International Iron Doors Inc is known for designing and installing high-grade iron gates and doors at the most affordable prices in Southern California. We offer free estimates, free consultations, and there are no hidden costs when you deal with us. If you are looking for outstanding iron doors and gates that will provide the security you need and look great while at it, get in touch with International Iron Doors Inc today.

Our Testimonials

Knar N

This place had me SPEECHLESS! I have never dealt with such pleasant people. These guys knew exactly what they were doing. REAL PROFESSIONALS!! They helped my family and i get exactly what we were looking for! We need more people like them running businesses.

Knar N.